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About Us

Body contouring, also recognized as body sculpting, is a transformative technique aimed at reshaping your body by effectively targeting and eliminating stubborn fat deposits in specific areas such as the arms, legs, buttocks, stomach, and back. This advanced procedure is designed to tackle fat deposits that persist despite efforts through diet and exercise. By precisely sculpting your body, body contouring helps create a more defined shape, potentially resulting in inch loss and enhancing your overall figure.



My name is Angie, just a small town girl born in Kingsville, TX but raised in Houston. Wife, fur mom and Lover of the Houston Astros. When I became interested in body contouring, i personally was not comfortable in my own skin, I didnt think i was pretty enough, i wasnt skinny enough, i was too tall etc, etc. I needed to understand that i was perfect exactly the way i was. So i started this because i wanted to help people see their outer beauty was just as beautiful as their inner. My goal is to Empower Individuals To Achieve Their Desired Body Shape And gain Confidence Through Safe And Effective Body Contouring Procedures. I am Dedicated To Providing Personalized And Transformative Solutions That Enhance your Natural Beauty, Promote Self-Acceptance, And Improve your Overall Well-Being. With A Focus On The Highest Standards Of Care, I Strive To Deliver Exceptional Results While Prioritizing The Comfort And Satisfaction Of my Clients. I want to help you reach your health goals and show you how to love the skin you’re in.  i cant wait to meet you and help you on your “Hello Gorgeous” Journey.

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Client Says

If you are looking to lose inches and some of that stubborn fat, I highly recommend you go see Angie at Hello Gorgeous Body Beautique. Her space is amazing! It is a judgment free zone that is so calming and relaxing. Angie does amazing work and is very knowledgeable in the different techniques. If you have questions, she will happily explain everything to you before starting so you feel comfortable. Self care is important and Hello Gorgeous is the perfect place to start!


I had Laser Lipo Combo, saw results right after she was done! Definitely Loved this place. So nice and cute! Very clean. Angie explained everything to me. Can't wait for my next treatment!


I scheduled my appointment with Angie and she made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in. She is very gentle and knows how to contour your body to your liking! Highly recommend!


I highly recommend Angie to all my friends and family. She took care and time for my problem areas and let me tell you, I have a lot. My results were immediate. I was able to tell a difference right away. Can't wait for my next session!